Council Activities

The programs we are involved in you may recognize and some may surprise you. 

San Antonio Fiesta

We are on the front line at our annual church fiesta, working in all aspects of the event. In almost every booth or event you will find a Knight working. From set-up to tear down we are there.

Lenten Friday Fish Fries

For the six Lenten Season Fridays before Good Friday, we offer an old-fashioned Church wide Fish Fry. We have a great time putting these on while raising money for charities in the process.

General Council Meeting

Council #9195 meets at San Antonio Church on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm in Glynn Hall. Guests are welcome to attend. Pre-meeting Rosary will be in the chapel at 5:45.

Monthly Officers Meeting

Our Council #9195 Monthly Officers meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month in Glynn Hall, San Antonio Church at 7:00 pm. All Brothers are invited and encouraged to attend.

Quarterly Blood Drive

Each quarter the Knights of Columbus host a Blood Drive for the Red Cross.  We consistently meet our goals and have made new friends in the process.

Recycle Saturday

The first Saturday of every month is Recycle Saturday from 8:00 to 10:00 am in San Antonio’s south parking lot. Start saving your CRV beverage containers and we may have some donuts to share.

Burrito Sunday

We make and sell burritos after the 8:30 and 10:00 masses on the first Sunday of each month. Grab yourself some burritos or let us know if you want to help out!

Hospitality Sunday

The first Sunday of each month the San Antonio hospitality role at the 10:00am Mass is assigned to  KofC Council #9195. We welcome parish members at the door as they enter the Church and as they leave following completion of Mass. We’re always looking for Brothers to help out.  Contact SK Mark Thornburg PGK to participate in Hospitality Sunday.

Annual Golf Tournament

Each October we put on and host our annual golf tournament.  Besides raising money for our charities, brothers and guests gather for a day of fun, light competition and comradery.

Day of Sharing

 In April we work diligently at a Day of Sharing/festival for the mentally challenged children of Orange County,

Community Outreach

We work diligently at several outreach programs. We especially enjoy projects requested by our pastor. You will also see us working at Thomas House, Mary’s Path, Patriot and Paws, Isaiah House and Camp Pendelton. All these are organizations to assist the homeless, right to life homes, the needy, the woman & children without a home to live in. Through the church, we anonymously help parishioners who may have fallen on hard times. These are only a sampling of what we do for your community.

Current Month's Events

Dates of upcoming events in the current month:

2023-2024 Calendar of Events

July 2023

August 2023

September 2023

   1   Recycle Saturday
   2   Hospitality Sunday
   2   Breakfast Burrito Sunday
   4   Independence Day
   5   General Meeting
   7   First Friday Adoration
  13  Blood Drive
  18  Officers’ Meetiing

     2  General Meeting
     4  First Friday Adoration
     5  Recycle Saturday
     6  Hospitality Sunday
     6  Breakfast Burrito Sunday
    15 Officers’ Meeting

        1  First Friday Adoration
        2  Recycle Saturday
        3  Hospitality Sunday
        3  Breakfast Burrito Sunday
        4  Labor Day
        6  General Meeting
    15-17 Fiesta
       19 Officers Meeting

October 2023

November 2023

December 2023

    4   General Meeting
    6   First Friday Adoration
    7   Recycle Saturday
    8   Hospitality Sunday
    8   Breakfast Burrito Sunday
    9   Columbus Day
    9   Golf Tournament
    12  Blood Drive
14-15 Recruitment Weekend
    17   Officers’ Meeting
    29  Trunk or Treat

1   General Meeting
3   First Friday Adoration
4   Recycle Saturday
5   Hospitality Sunday
5   Breakfast Burrito Sunday
11 Veterans Day
21 Officers’ Meeting
20 Family Assistance – Turkey dinner drop-off
23 Thanksgiving

1 First Friday Adoration
2 Recycle Saturday
3 Advent Begins
3 Breakfast Burrito Sunday
3 Hospitality
6 General Meeting
19 Officers Meeting
25 Christmas Day

January 2024

February 2024

March 2024

3  General Meeting
5  First Friday Adoration
6  Recycle Saturday
7  Hospitality Sunday
7  Breakfast Burrito Sunday
11 Blood Drive
15 MLK Day
16 Officers’ Meeting

2  First Friday Adoration
3  Recycle Saturday
4  Hospitality Sunday
4  Breakfast Burrito Sunday
7  General Meeting
14 Ash Wednesday &                 Valentine’s Day
16 Fish Fry #1
20 Officers Meeting
23 Fish Fry #2

1   First Friday Adoration
1   Fish Fry #3
2   Recycle Saturday
3   Hospitality Sunday
3   Breakfast Burrito Sunday
6   General Meeting
8   Fish Fry #4
15  Fish Fry #5
17  St. Patrick’s Day
19  Officers’ Meeting
22  Fish Fry #6
24  Palm Sunday
28  Holy Thursday
31   Easter Sunday

April 2024

May 2024

June 2024

3   General Meeting
5   First Friday Adoration
6   Recycle Saturday
7   Divine Mercy
7   Hospitality Sunday
7   Burrito Sunday
16 Officers Meeting
18 Blood Drive

1   General Meeting
3   First Friday Adoration
4   Recycle Saturday
5   Hospitality Sunday
5   Breakfast Burrito Sunday
12 Mother’s Day
21 Officers Meeting
27 Memorial Day

31 Dinner with the Beatles


1   Recycle Saturday
2   Hospitality Sunday
2   Burrito Sunday
5   General Meeting
7   First Friday Adoration
13 St. Anthony de Padua Mass
16 Father’s Day
18 Officers Meeting